A certified swimming instructor with experience teaching both the Ultra swim program and Swimmer 1-6 levels, each swimming lessons includes the foundational swimming skills recognized by the Lifesaving Society. From blowing bubbles to advance stroke mechanics, lessons are structured to build from your current swimming ability and progressively work towards more advanced skills.  Lessons are designed to create a safe and supportive environment that builds trust to develop the foundational swimming skills and gain greater confidence in the water.


From anxious to expert, adult lessons combine swimming theory, targeted instruction and practice in a supportive and safe environment. 

From beginners looking to overcome their fear of the water, to competent swimmers looking to improve their stroke technique with more advanced level training designed to help you achieve your goals with professional instruction, feedback and support. 


Infant to toddler, each lessons focuses on developing swimming skills through play, games and songs. Each lesson is designed to develop a greater sense of comfort in the water while teaching swimming basics and foundational skills. 

Instruction includes songs, toys and integrate imagination as a way to learn breath control, flotation and body movement in the water  that challenge while maintaining trust and a sense of safety.           

stroke improvement

Stroke improvement sessions are designed to help you improve your swimming technique with targeted feedback and correction drills that develop proper body alignment and stroke mechanics.  A KSC Stroke Assessment Report identifies common swimming errors such as breathing and head position, arm pull (recovery-catch mechanics) and body position that create drag and and reduce your speed. Each session includes a program of corrective swimming drills to help you develop or more effective body position and swimming efficiency that will conserve your energy, build endurance and make swimming more enjoyable. 



$120 / session

Pre-session phone call 


sessions: 1

60 mins

Session tailored to develop swimming skills from current ability. 

Program of progressive drills to continue to practice and develop skills. 


$55 / per person

Pre-session phone call 

2-3 people

Sessions: 1

60 mins

Group session of swimming instruction tailored to the skill level of participants.

Program of progressive drills to continue to practice and develop skills. 



Pre-session phone call 

3-6 people

Sessions: 6

30-45 mins depending on age

Progressive lessons designed to build on current level to more advanced skills.

Report card of current skill level and continued skill development.

stroke assessment

$130 / session

Pre-session phone call 

One on one

Sessions: 1

60 mins

Stroke assessment and required skill correction and development.

KSC Stroke Assessment Report and suggested stroke correction drills. 



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*Price adjusted for rental pool permits or backyard pools and travel distance. 

I have seen how you teach the new swimmers. It is incredible to see how they improve over the course of the class and feel that I could benefit from some stroke improvement classes.